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НБ РБ   28.05.2018

1 евро2.3398 бел.руб.
10 злотый5.4502 бел.руб.
100 росс.руб.3.2467 бел.руб.
100 укр.гривна7.6554 бел.руб.
1 долл.США2.0017 бел.руб.
Новости - О Беларуси на иностранных языках
15:52 21.05.2018 | News in English
Activists have launched an online petition demanding that the Prosecutor General's Office look into what they describe as the interior ministry's "homophobic and discriminatory" comments about the UK embassy's show of support for the LGBT community.
12:36 15.05.2018 | News in English
The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has not lived up to the expectations of member states, with many agreements reached between them remaining unfulfilled, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said Monday in Russia's Sochi, speaking at a session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council.
09:23 10.05.2018 | News in English
The Belarusian people will not impose their convictions on others but will always extend a helping hand to those who need help, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said Wednesday, speaking at a ceremony held in Minsk on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi German
23:00 23.04.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
The Belarusan National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum issued a statement on solidarity with the civil society of Armenia.
12:00 18.04.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
What results has the campaign "Agenda 50" given, what helps to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the regions?
16:30 03.04.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
Experts in ValoЕѕyn have determined that the quality of people’s life depends on their awareness.