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НБ РБ   18.07.2018

1 евро2.3183 бел.руб.
10 злотый5.3919 бел.руб.
100 росс.руб.3.1652 бел.руб.
100 укр.гривна7.5328 бел.руб.
1 долл.США1.9766 бел.руб.
21:50 20.06.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
When you are making plans to travel to another foreign country, you have to take into account many things. Starting from whether you will be allowed to enter the country to where you will be staying a
04:00 15.06.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
On May 28, the city hosted a presentation of the results of the project "Equal to Equal" which was dedicated to monitoring the barrier-free environment in the city.
04:00 14.06.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
In Babruysk, wheelchair users are fighting discrimination.
23:00 23.04.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
The Belarusan National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum issued a statement on solidarity with the civil society of Armenia.
12:00 18.04.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
What results has the campaign "Agenda 50" given, what helps to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the regions?
16:30 03.04.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
Experts in ValoЕѕyn have determined that the quality of people’s life depends on their awareness.
04:00 12.03.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
On March 3, members of the campaign "Agenda 50" from different Belarusian cities met in Minsk. The campaign is aimed at the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
11:10 05.03.2018 | EuroBelarus - News
There are being implemented three projects under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities campaign in the city of Babruysk.
11:00 22.12.2017 | EuroBelarus - News
In Е ДЌuДЌyn, people with disabilities learned to be leaders and to advocate their interests.
11:00 21.12.2017 | EuroBelarus - News
In Stolin, social organizations and local authorities are implementing a project aimed at independent living of persons with disabilities, and creating local agenda for the district.
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